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Phone Phun

NOTICE: TO ALL CONCERNED Certain text files and messages contained on this site deal with activities and devices which would be in violation of various Federal, State, and local laws if actually carried out or constructed. The webmasters of this site do not advocate the breaking of any law. Our text files and message bases are for informational purposes only. We recommend that you contact your local law enforcement officials before undertaking any project based upon any information obtained from this or any other web site. We do not guarantee that any of the information contained on this system is correct, workable, or factual. We are not responsible for, nor do we assume any liability for, damages resulting from the use of any information on this site.
1- 800 ANAC numbers as of 9/6/96 by Shorty
1- 800 ANI Numbers as of 11- 26- 97 by AARDWOLF
1- 800 Extenders
1- 800 killer for WATS lines
1- 800 scan
1-400 Phone Numbers by Captain B
 1-400-xxx-xxxx numbers
18 and insane phone phreaking
2600 Magazine article on Busy Line Verification
2600 article/part regarding a flaw in the phone sy
415 to 510 area code split prefix data
510 area code scan of the 811 (internal telephone
635's: The Real Story
800 numbers and NPA codes
950 Code hacking for the beginner
A 'Ma Bell' for the space age (Motorola Inc. plans
A File on how to beat those nasty call back verifi
A box to defeat caller ID
A bunch of CN/A numbers
A fairly complete list of 10xxx codes for LD compa
A good file on telco trunks
A guide to alternate LD carriers
A list o' loops
A list of 1- 800 extenders
A list of loop numbers
A list of top Navy offical's phone and fax numbers
A little inside info on the phone system
A map of 800 numbers
A must read on Motorola Flip that need Trik Clip
A new 800 scan listing for modems sent by Violator
A phreak phile
A simple phone tap with your modem for COM1:
A small phone book. DL this if it's absolutely nec
A very useful file explaining the basic concepts o
ALL country & city dialing codes
ANAC (Automatic Number Announcement Circuit) numbe
ANAC Numbers for 940- xxx- xxxx
ANAC guide for all area codes
ANI - Automatic Number Identification
AT&T News - Taxing and such
AT&T central office operations (LOD)
AT&T security phone numbers
AT&T security plus STU- III specifications
AT&T's SACS security system (NSA approved!)
AT&T/BOC routing codes
About the Electronic Switching System 7 (ESS7)
Access Codes to the Major Long Distance Providers
Airline 800 numbers telephone directory
Airline telephone directory
All about Coda- phones
All about methods FBI uses to trace phone calls an
All of the technical specs and details on caller I
Alliance Teleconferencing
Alt.2600 FAQ (Beta 13)
Another phreak doc
Anti Modem weapon
Antioch phone calling info
Area Code and time zone list [cDc]
Area code listing
Area codes, states, and cities
Argonne National Labs Dialups
Assorted hacking documents
Audioconferencing services
Auto Number Announcement Circuit by Icon
 ANAC is a number you dial to see what number you are calling from. This can be useful if you are doing things on a line like Beige Boxing or setting up a conference.
Bad as Shit
 An interesting telephone experiment, which leads to a shocking discovery.
Basic telephone sabotage
Bay Area Freeway Call Box User's Guide
Beginners phreaking file
Bell Hell Vol 1
Bell Special Intelligence Force
Bell info 10
Bell info 11
Bell info 12
Bell info 13
Bell info 14
Bell walkout
Bellcore/Bellcan info
British 0500 international operator scan by Phanta
Bugs & How to Tap someones room
Bullshitting the operator and getting free calls
Busy Verfication (Part I)
Busy Verfication (Part II)
CCITT Information, frequencies, etc.
CN/A - Bell Customer's Name and Address
COMPLETE reprogramming techiniques for the Nokia 1
Caller ID and 800/900 subscribers
Caller ID coding info
Calling Card Dialups w/PIN Lengths and Notes 07/97
Cellular phone hacker text
Cellular programming
Chatting it up with operators for the deaf. How to
Collect Calls Free
Comments on Caller ID in California - circa 1992
Cordless Phone Frequencies
Cordless telephone frequencies
Country codes / Area codes for all of earth
Customer Name and Address (CNA) list. 11/94
Customer name/address summary & list of dialups [L
Cybertek Magazine - How to use a UHF T.V. to liste
DRC's corporate FAX directory
DataPac & Tymnet Numbers Across Canada
Defeat kickback detector
Descramble new Motorola secure cordless phones
Describes all the tones that the phone company use
Dial 911 and DIE!
Dial back isn't always secure
Discussion of Hacking 1- 800
Dont ever call this number!
Eliminate background noise
European NUA's
Everything you ever wanted to know about Caller ID
Everything you wanted to know about loops
Eye- No- Phones' Phone Circuits
FAX machine fun
FAX machine interception
FAX machine phreaking
Federal Black Pages
Field Phreaking
Field phreaking
File on bell's ATICS computer system.
File regarding Telco line noise and what todo abou
Files on ISDN
Frankie's Fireside Phreak Primer [cDc]
Frankie's Yellow Pages - Vol II [cDc]
Free Calls from UK Taxi Phones by Macca
 I found this out when I was pranking the taxis...
Free Phone Calls in PIttsburgh PA by Sepsis
 As far as i know this doesnt work anywhere else in the country besides Pittsburgh PA. Sorry. It also DOES NOT work on Verizon phones and a very small number of non-Verizon phones.
Free long distance - legally!
Fun places to call
Fun with Coda- Phones
Fun with long distance info / lines
Fun with those big metal phone boxes
GIF and text file showing how to build programming
GTE trash Morgan Hill, CA CO. Forwarded messawge f
General phreak info
Genral Phreaking file
Get free phone calls
Get in an AT&T manhole
Getting free MCI LD
Gold Box Plans
Hack Western Union Easylink
Hacking numbers
Hacking the AT&T 950 Exchange
Hardware Hacker column #43; info on Caller ID, etc
How 'they' found out how someone phreaked
How IberPac Works. [Spanish text]
How To Use 0266 Codes
How full are the NPAs?
How to Beat Tracing Mechanisms
How to be a cautious hacker
How to beat AT&T from VIOLATOR/apocalypse.uk
How to get unlisted numbers
How to hack call- back verification systems
How to make Long Distance phone calls for free by
How to make a free phone call in an emergency by EtherFreak
 Need to make a phone call, but run short of cash?
How to make free calls
How to make free calls with 1- 800- Collect
How to make free phone calls
How to make it look like you're from AT&T
How to set up a telephone conference
How to socially engineer bell ops
How to stop EVIL callback verification
How to tell if you're being charged for a call
How tracing works and how to avoid it
In- depth explanation about the technical aspects o
Info about Australia's phone system
Info about cellular phone ESN numbers
Info on 600 numbering assignments
Info on GEnie Star*Services
Info on Office Building Phone Wiring Schemes
Info on a phone line tapper
Info on battle over caller ID in CA
Info on how to scam an 888 number for your favorit
Info on new Motorola Cordless phone
Info on the British Telecom service #175 By Z- N0TE
Information about the tricks fast are up to in the
Interesting Phone Numbers from Around the U.S.
Interesting UK phone infos
Interesting phone numbers
International area codes
Italian NUA's (in Italian)
Krackmaster's info on phreaking
Last Volume in series
List of 415 prefixes which are now in the 510 area
List of NUAs
List of NUAs via IberPac
List of Scanned 800 #'s from Phed- Land
List of cordless phone frequencies
Long distance phone codes
Loops Explained
MA telephone exchanges (1991)
MCI Overview
MCI Telecommuncations #1
MCI Telecommuncations #2
MCI Telecommuncations #3
MCI Telecommuncations #4
MCI Telecommuncations #5
Make free phone calls at the expense of the US gov
Manual for Control Office Administration of Enhanc
Master CNA list - should be up to date
Methods on getting unlisted phone numbers
Micro(SUX)soft Tech Fone Numbers
Mobile phone fraud article
Modem noise killer design specs
Moderate NUA list
Money from AT&T
More NUA's from Argentina
More NUAs from around the world
More info about Iberpac. [Spanish Codes]
More interesting phone numbers
More international NUA's
More on BSing Ma Bell for info
More trashing Ma Bell
Moron's Guide to Faking Your Phone Line
NPA List [cDc]
NUA's in Argentina (In Spanish)
New NPA list
New ways to get free phone calls
Newer and more complete list of ringbacks as of 11
Novatel phone phreaking manual
Numbers for universities & corporations
Numbers that are always busy by the visionary
OLD list of telco test numbers. Interesting to see
Operator Service Positons Systems
Operators: Who are they? What are they? And...
Overseas dialing
PacBell Systems Telephone #'s in California
Partial 313 prefix list
Phone facts - system internals
Phone pranks
Phone screen codes - how the phone company knows w
Phrackers Anonymous
Phreak File #1
Phreakin' USA
Phreaking #1
Phreaking #2
Phreaking #3
Phreaking Made Easier #1
Phreaking in Australia
Phreaking in New Zealand by The Defecator
Phree payfone callz made ez
Pick your own toll call firm - complete with 10XXX
Play music thorugh phone
Prefixes with Central Office names & cities
RRG phile - Third Party Billing
Reverse Phone Book Info
Rights to telecomm privacy. READ THIS!
Routing codes scanning on United Arab Emirates
Scan of 0800 no for UK phreaks
Scan of 08008984**
Scan of 85**
Scan of UK08008986**
Setting ISO Standards for Building Snarfers
Shark VMB list Issue #1, DTS, VMBS, Carriers
Shark's VMB list
Short textfile on making free phone calls
Some NUAS for use with Tymnet
Some PAD numbers (probably *old*)
Some info about MaBell
Some neat carrier numbers from The Hacker Chronic
Some various excerts from 2600 Magazine
Something new for the phreaks around the world
Source Codes of AT&T
Std codes for UK
Stuff about ANI
TES's latest prefix list for 415
Telco toll records and how to get them
Teleconference numbers
Ten Commandments for the phone phreak
Tests to check noisy phone line
Text about little accident at AT&T - 09/17/91
Text file on Prepaid calling cards by Treason(518)
The Box With No Name
The Day the Spooks Stepped on Ma Bell
The Essence of telephone conferencing
The FREEFONE DIRECTORY for the UK (0800 numbers)
The Hackers' Guide to Answering Machines by protonigger (a.k.a Murder Mouse)
 Many years ago I remember reading a tutorial called "Hacking Answering Machines". This tutorial was apparently written back in 1989, when answering machines were just blossuming into the market. This was back during the days of cassette-recorder answering machines. The tutorial spoke of different vendors and models that used for the most part 2-digit passwords for remote access. It is now the year 2006, and for the most part cassette-recorder answering machines are a thing of the past, replaced by digital answering machines.
The MCI Glossary - part 1
The MCI Glossary - part 2
The Motorola Bible - Everything You Ever Wanted To
The Offical Phreakers Manual v1.1, 1987
The Phone Sex Scam [cDc]
The Shark Scans Issue #2 VMBS, carriers, etc.
The Technical Book of Phreaking
The Ultimate Cellular Modification Manual: How to
The book of loops - loop numbers
The freephone numbers in the UK with computers on
The history of British phreaking
The most up- to- date info for Access to the Motorol
The myth about 2600Hz detectors
The original 911 documents
The proposed Southwestern Bell tariff on BBS use
The scariest phone number in the world
The secret behind 9999 numbers
Third Part
This is a Price List For ESN Readers
This is a updated RED BOX, 4/15/96. It has been te
This is another Phone Box. It is a super simple, s
Toll free numbers for computer products
Tone sweeps and loops in Northern California by Da
Trashing Ma Bell (but WHY?)
Tutorial on test trunks
UCPH mag article clip from #4 Phreakin' while you
UK Telephone System Overview (Part 1 of 2)
UK Telephone System Overview (Part 2 of 2)
UK guide to phone phreaking
Using Your Local DATU by dialect
 DATU stands for Direct Access Testing Unit. Techs or linemen use this Line everyday for every job they come across. A DATU is basically a number given to every area code that serves the purpose of doing random tests on a line. DATU's have a menu which allows you to pick a certain kind of testing which I will furthur explain in this text. Without certain tools, some of the testing options will be useless to you.
Using a bank credit card validation number for ANA
Verification of Number Dialing From by Master A
 How to find out what number you're calling from.
Verizon Teleconferencing by Icon
 Everything you need to know about Verizon's teleconferences.
Volume 1 in Phone Series
Volume 2 in Phone Series
Volume 3 in Phone series
Which White House circuits have been secured
White House Pager Info and Encryption
Why we have letters on phone dial
Wide variety of numbers to explore, some garbage,
Worldwide NUA list
Yellow Pages Vol. I [cDc]
You too can screw up Ma Bell
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