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Cellular Phones

NOTICE: TO ALL CONCERNED Certain text files and messages contained on this site deal with activities and devices which would be in violation of various Federal, State, and local laws if actually carried out or constructed. The webmasters of this site do not advocate the breaking of any law. Our text files and message bases are for informational purposes only. We recommend that you contact your local law enforcement officials before undertaking any project based upon any information obtained from this or any other web site. We do not guarantee that any of the information contained on this system is correct, workable, or factual. We are not responsible for, nor do we assume any liability for, damages resulting from the use of any information on this site.
A list of cloneable phones
Accessing "Employee Only" Menu on Most Nokia Cell Phones by Slack
 On most software versions of Nokia cell phones there is a secret menu that is used for administrative purposes and is easy to get at if you know the code.
Article by John Markoff (Wired) on Cellular Hackin
Articles on Cellular Security, Virus Protection an
Basic ATM communications, modem tapping, pager hac
Cell phone modification software illegal? Changes
Cell phone programming info for 30+ phones
Cellular Frequencies for TX by Kevan Coleman
 Cellular telephone (total) frequency listing.
Cellular Phreaking by The Jolly Roger
 The cellular/mobile phone system is one that is perfectly set up to be exploited by phreaks with the proper knowledge and equipment. Thanks to deregulation, the regional BOC's (Bell Operating Companies) are scattered and do not communicate much with each other. Phreaks can take advantage of this by pretending to be mobile phone customers whose "home base" is a city served by a different BOC, known as a "roamer". Since it is impractical for each BOC to keep track of the customers of all the other BOC's, they will usually allow the customer to make the calls he wishes, often with a surcharge of some sort.
Cellular Roaming the new deal
Cellular Secrets by Bootleg
Cellular Secrets by Bootleg (1992)
Cellular Stuff
Cellular Text File ... Pretty Complete
Cellular cell site plans, layout
Cellular frequencies
Cellular phone band frequencies
Cellular phone freqs layout
Cellular phone hacking
Cellular phone information
Cellular phone stuff
Cellular programming
Cellular scam facts & stats
Cellular stuff
Cellular telephone phreaking #1
Cellular telephone phreaking #2
Cellular telephone phreaking #3
Cellular telephone phreaking #4
CellularOne Free Long Distance by Jason B
 If you have a CellularOne cell phone you know know someone that has one, dial this access number and you can call them toll free!!
Change What Your Nokia Phone Says by Hurly
 Put A Semi-Permanent Banner On Your Nokia Phone.
Channel Monitoring and You. How to use a cellular
Connecting Any Cell Phone to a Modem, The Guerrill
Create your own list of cellular phone numbers for
DDI is inofomation on Digital Data Interpreter Tes
DNA box - hacking cellular phones
DNA box, version 2. Cellular phone phun
Definitions of GE phone programming
Detailed file on Motorola Cell Phones
Dr. Bloodmoney's Ultimate Cellular Modification Ma
ESN snarfing 1st edition
ESN snarfing 2nd edition
Electronic Serial Number Decode Policy
Free Cellular Calls Without Cloning by TRON
 Various methods to make free calls from cellular phones without paying for it.
GE mobile trunking system
Hacking Cellular Phones - Part 5
Hacking Cellular Phones [6/6]
Hacking cellular phones
History of Cellular Phreaking
How to Build an ESN Snarfer
How to Get Unlisted Cell Numbers
 Try to find out what retail store they bought their phones and plan from. Guess if you have to. If there are multiple retail stores in the area, do some homework, and get the names and addresses of each store. Also, every store should have a store "number". If you can get the store number, it will be very handy down the road.
How to Program the ICOM- U16 Handheld
How to grab those elusive DTMF cellfone signals an
Info on CELP: Code Excited Linear Prediction
Info on Cellular Telephones
Information on UK Cellular Scene
Loader.Bin Motorola Software.. All versions... Cr
Making Free Calls With Nokia by protonigger
 ... and finally be able to talk without worrying about minutes.
More hacking cellular phones
More on hacking cellular phones
Motorola Bible 2.0 [New Version]
Motorola User and Programming Guide: programming,
Motorola cellular software instructions for versio
Motorola mobile trunking system
NAM programming procedure for GE car phones
Nokia Phone Employees Only Menu by Parks
 What to do with the Secret Menu.
Oki 900 Reprogramming Codes by Captain Midnight
Old Article on Cell- Phone Roaming
Pannisonic programming codes
Phreaking on cell phones
Phreaking on cell phones
Programming Instructions for 30+ Cellphones, Nokia
Reprogram over 30 new AND used cellular phones
Security on cellular phones
Still MORE on hacking cellular phones
Telecom Bandit's files on Cellular Fraud
Telecom Bandit's files on Cellular Fraud
Telecom Bandit's files on Cellular Fraud
Telecom Bandit's files on Cellular Fraud
Telecom Bandit's files on Cellular Fraud
Telecom Bandit's files on Cellular Fraud
The DNA Box - Hacking cellular phones #1
The DNA Box - Hacking cellular phones #2
The DNA Box - Hacking cellular phones #3
The DNA Box - Hacking cellular phones #4
The DNA Box - Hacking cellular phones #5
The DNA Box - Hacking cellular phones #6
The DNA box - hacking cellular phones
The Hackers' Guide to GSM Phones by protonigger
 The complete guide for all your GSM hacking needs.
The Ultimate Cellular Modification Manual by Dr. Bloodmoney
 Cellular Phreaking Manual: NAM's, ESN, Tower ID's, Scanner Mods.
The Ultimate Cellular Phone Phreaking Manual, Part
The Ultimate Cellular Phone Phreaking Manual, Part
UP to date info on cell fones 12/06/94. Good at po
Various Messages about Cellular Freqs
YET even more hacking cellular phones
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