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totse.com has always been an advertising-supported site. Most of the ads pay the site a couple of bucks when you click on the ad and then buy something on the advertiser's site.

However, a lot of people who use totse on a daily basis have their own on-line businesses. Some of these businesses are too small to set up their own affiliate advertising program. Some sell such off-beat or off-the-wall products that traditional advertising won't do them much good.

Mother Gecko Botanicals is one such business. Mother Gecko sponsored some ads on totse and increased the traffic to their web site by hundreds of additional new customers per day.

This made me think that I should really find a simple, easy way for other totse members to buy ad space and sell their unique and weird wares on the site. I just found a service that was custom-made for this: Ad Brite. Ad Brite lets anyone buy ad space on totse. You just go to Ad Brite, decide how much you want to spend, buy the ad space, and upload your ad.

We currently have:

If you don't have a business, but you've been wanting to give money to totse just for being here, now's your chance to give us money AND get a message of your choice displayed on the site. Decide what you want to say, go to Ad Brite, and put the ad up.

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