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Crop Circles and Cattle Mutilations

A Colorado Cattle Mutilation Case
 Cattle Mutilation Phenomena refers to thousands of cases in North America where cattle have been found mutilated under abnormal circumstances. The cows are found dead, exsanguinated (all their blood has been removed), and have had certain organs surgically removed from their bodies.
Animal Mutilations
 Since the 1960s, animals have been found lying dead in fields with their bodies mutilated. No blood, tracks or signs of struggle are found around the dead animal. The marks found on the animals are not consistent with attacks by predators such as wolves or coyotes. Instead, the incisions and removal of internal organs is made with great surgical precision and in some cases there is evidence that high heat (maybe a high powered laser) has been used to cut the tissues.
Crop Circles a Hoax? by William E. Schmidt
 The mystery of those giant circles and odd geometric shapes that have been showing up in recent summers in wheat fields across southern England has been explained -- up to a point.
Dead Cows I've Known: A Fresh Look At Cattle Mutilation Theory by Ted Oliphant III
 Over the last ten years, law enforcement in dozens of States have been trying to track and identify unmarked helicopters sighted where area livestock have been discovered dead under suspicious circumstances. The helicopters are seen before and after these cows are found in pastures, missing certain organs. The same things are always taken.
Florida Cattle Under Attack by Shirley Parrish
 According to Florida Today, a Brevard county newspaper, Brevard, Seminole, Lake and St. Lucie counties have all been hit with cattle mutilations since July, 1996. None of the usual suspects, writer Billy Cox of Florida Today states - UFOs, satanic cults and unmarked black helicopters - have ever been apprehended.
Mystery Circles Form in English Cornfields
 Excited scientists said they recorded evidence on Wednesday that could solve the centuries-old mystery of circles in English cornfields which have aroused speculation of visitors from outer space. Experts filmed two big circles being made during the night amid a barrage of unexplained flashing lights in a field in the southern county of Wiltshire. It was the first known recording of the formation of symmetrical circles that have puzzled Englishmen since the Middle Ages.
Mystery Helicopters Add to Animal Abuse Puzzle
 Albertville-Animal owners who are finding carcasses with tongues, eyes, ears and hearts missing, have a new mystery for authorities, unlighted helicopters swooping out of the night sky.
Report on Cattle Mutilations: Sand Mountain, Alabama
 To date over thirty (30) animals have been discovered dead in pastures with various internal and external organs missing. The incisions examined on there animals exhibit a precise surgical cutting. In many of the cases there has been evidence of extremely high heat at the tissue excisions. The absence of physical evidence adds to the mystery at the majority of mutilation sites. Though many animals have been found in soft pasture land, and in many cases mud, there have been no footprints, tracks, or marks found anywhere near the mutilated animals.
The 'Harvest' Continues by Linda Moulton Howe
 In 1989, there were so many cattle mutilations in southern Idaho that Bear Lake County Sheriff Brent Bunn told me, "We haven't seen anything like this since the 1970s." Sheriff Bunn sent me 16 neatly-typed "Investigation Reports" about cattle mutilations that had taken place in his county between May and December.
The Human Mutilation Factor by Don Ecker
 Ford relayed a numbing number of animal mutilations, human disappearances, human abductions, covert Federal involvement in areas that suffered high numbers of animal mutilations, and even armed military helicopters that chased UFOs over civilian communities.
The Report From Sand Mountain, 2002 by Ted Oliphant
 Phantom Surgeons return to northeast Alabama. Recent cattle mutilations in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains have area farmers on alert.
Time to Speak Up by Chester A. Powell
 Tried of hearing about ufo's and cattle mutilation's and having nobody to tell my story too. It's time to be heard.
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