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Gravity / Anti-gravity

A Briefing on Soviet Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons by T. E. Bearden
 Scalar electromagnetics is an extension of present electromagnetics (EM) to include gravitation. That is, a unified electrogravitation, and, what is more important, it is a unified engineering theory. Its basis was discovered by Nikola Tesla.
A Different Point of View by John R. Majka
 A paper on Gravity, Resonance, and Electronics
A Look at Scalar Technology and one of its Applications by Warren York and Matt Campbell
 Space time is curved. If we zero in close enough we can talk about it as if it were linear if for nothing other than simplicity and understanding. If I were to try and talk about time and space as it really is then it would become complex dealing with arcs, spherical dimensions and higher mathemathics as kerr metrics. For now we will consider our dimension as a three dimensional time cube.
A New Theory of the Gravitational Force by Dali
 A unique theory of Gravity and the Gravitational force. This theory outlines the fundemental notion that gravity in itself is not a force but rather an effect. If this theory could be proven, it's law could result in the Grand Unified Theory of Science. Included are my thoughts on the constructs of the meta-universe and those relative implications.
A new ferment in the mirror world of antimatter/an
A rather radical paper on the gravitational relati
A simple way to slow light to go faster that it. I
A theory of the structure of the universe - concei
All about Gravity Waves - from Radio- Electronics A
Antigravity: Is it real or just a myth?
 Coman-Ra Said: "Sure, antigravity has been around for a long time. Townsend-Brown had a model flying saucer flitting around a may pole in 1928. He used the Bifeld-Brown effect, which in- volves the behavior of a charged condenser in a magnetic field.
British Anti- Gravity research
British scientists search for anti- gravity
Building a Tachyon/Graviton starship engine
CAN we go faster than light? Is this Einstein's bi
Can Gravity be Induced? by Stephen Paul Goodfellow
 Observational Evidence and Verifiable Proof for a Dynamic GRAVAC Sun.
Can gravity be induced?
Challenges to Einstein's special theory of relativ
Chap. 1: T.B. Pawlicki's Hyperspace
Chap. 2: T.B. Pawlicki's Hyperspace
Concentric Gravitation, the absence of dark matter
Excerpt from "The U.S. Antigravity Squadron" by Paul A. LaViolette, Ph.D.
 Electrogravitic (antigravity) technology, under development in U.S. Air Force black R&D programs since late 1954, may now have been put to practical use in the B-2 Advanced Technology Bomber to provide an exotic auxiliary mode of propulsion.
Foreword: T.B. Pawlicki's Hyperspace
Gravity and Antimatter
Gravity electronics resonance
Gravity resonance
Gravity, Light, and Force
Gyroscopic Propulsion by Michael Shanahan
 Sandy Kidd's discovery, which is set to revolutionize travel, is already sending shock waves through the scientific establishment. One of Britain's top physicists described it "mind boggling."
Intro: T.B. Pawlicki's Hyperspace
Invisibility techniques
Japanese Antigravity experiment
 Japanese scientist's findings not expected to survive further investigation. Japanese scientists have reported that small gyroscopes lose weight when spun under certain conditions, apparently in defiance of gravity. If proved correct, the finding would mark a stunning scientific advance, but experts said they doubted that it would survive intense scrutiny.
Letter to the editor of Flying Saucer Magazine
Message thread on the nature of Gravity
Mock Gravity
More on Gravity as an external pressure from space
New Observatory will go a long way toward detectin
Notes on RGFC.ZIP on this BBS by Eagle One
Partial transcript of Phyledelphia Experiment Navy
Project Magnet - a '50s Canadian anti- gravity rese
Re- noodling Newton: Gravity may not be a single fo
Saucer's Secret: Antigravity by Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe
 This is an article that appeared in a magazine called `Flying Saucers' that was written in 1967 by Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe.
Scalar Translators by Joseph Misiolek
The Nature of Space, Time, and Matter
The Resonant Gravity Field Coil by Shadow Hawk
 How to manipulate reality in a 530 square inch area.
The conquest of space a 1957 article on anti- gra
The theory that matter doesn't just CAUSE spacetim
The theroy that light bulbs are actually dark suck
UFOs/Philadelphia Experiment/Montauk
Ultra Propulsion Technology by Abhijit Patil
 We have conventional limited resources to propel a body. Present technology does not allow us to reach stars and galaxies to explore and understand our universe. This paper propose model to acuumulate potential energy (PE) which can be used to shield gravity and give kinetic energy ( KE ) to a body to enable it to reach stars and galaxies.
Was invisibility achieved in the 1930s?
Weighty Matters: Is Newton's 300- year old law of g
Why are things heavy? The Higgs Boson might have a
Zero point gravity
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