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Flying Saucers from Andromeda

"UFO Cult" Resurfaces With Final Offer by Heaven's Gate
 Heaven's Gate USA Day ad statement from May 27th, 1993. Lists their beliefs.
1960's UFO Predictions for the Future
A Long Paper on the Greys (UFOs)
A Theory on the History of the Human Race 1 by Crow4523
 One of many theories concerning the history of mankind. This one explains that we were created as a slave race to mine gold for the Nefilim.
A letter about alien beings on Earth
A list of what UFOs might really be
A listing of DEC/88 UFO Mag.
A text file on UFO's
A.P.R.O. au revoir?
Aerial Anomalies International info
Alien lab brief
Alleged UFO crashes - very credible info
Alternative Three by Leslie Watkins
 NO NEWSPAPER has yet secured the truth behind the operation known as ALTERNATIVE 3. Investigations by journalists have been blocked by governments on both sides of the Iron Curtain. American and Russia are ruthlessly obsessed with guarding their shared secret and this obsession, as we can now prove, has made them partners in murder.
An American Indian tells of the Hopi beliefs of UF
An article about Catastrophism
An open letter to William L. Moore
Ancient UFOs by Ronald D. Story
 Looking at UFO sightings from early man, Romans and Greeks.
Another letter from Commander Kortron
Another letter from Richard C. Dotty
Are UFOs Biblical watchers
Article about ELS and a worldwide hum from UFOlogi
Article about Sho Me Conference
Article from Sputnik
Article from Vikii Cooper
Australian Encounters by Simon
 The following is my story, I have had several alien encounters as have some of my friends and relatives which I shall make reference to during my encounters...
Australian pilot disappears after reporting chase
Belgium UFO Sightings
Bibliography of UFO books
Big Bertha vigil
Brain transmitter experiments
Breaking down the wall of UFO silence
COSCON Part 2 of 36 by AI-TRAD
 Researcher Paul Bennewitz sent out a letter on June 6, 1988 describing
COSCON Part 3 of 36 by AI-TRAD
 Below are some actual quotes from prominent sources that the reader may consider...:
COSCON Part 4 of 36 by AI-TRAD
 There is a disturbing although very real possibility that many have lost their lives because they knew too much about the "draconian" activities.
CSETI Newsletter Vol3 No1 (UFO related stuff)
CUFON - Freedom of Information Act Document File
CUFON Computer UFO Network info on Acronyms - 1986
Cairo = City of Mars? Link Between the Antichrist
Canadian Dept. of Transport memo
Channeling to find UFO info
Christian rant on the Big Lie - UFOoligy, or some
Close Encounter on I- 84
Collection of papers on ghosts, UFO's, psychics, e
Concepts from book - Flying Saucers
Contentions on aliens
Context and Implications of the Discovery of ET li
Creation Theory by PHUQU-master
 A little somethin-somethin that is a little off the deep end.
Cultural backround of UFO abduction
Do UFO's come in waves at 61 month (5- year) interv
During a brief window of time some may wish to follow us...
 Heaven's Gate statment on following their lead on exiting this planet.
Excellent file detailing ancient historical and mo
Excerpts from Preview - 1991
Extensive index of UFO books and articles
Facts surrounding the Steinman- Barker letter
Flying Saucers- Superconducting whirls of Plasma -
Flying Saucers: The Bible Connection
Genesis Inc: Makers of Phlavoured Photons
German UFO research
Heaven's Gate - Beyond Human
 Transcripts of Heaven's Gate 12-part videotape series on how to move to the next level. Explains their beliefs, etc.
Heaven's Gate Suicide List
 List of all the Heaven's Gate members that committed suicide in 1997.
Heaven's Gate: An Introduction by Do
Heaven's Gate: An Overview of the Present Mission
Heaven's Gate: Our Position Against Suicide
Heaven's Gate: Statement of an E.T. Presently Inca
How Disinformation Experts Spread Fear About UFOs by Anne Strieber
 Some of the most frightening and bizarre stories about UFOs and visitors may well be lies that originated with disinformation experts and are innocently spread by gullible people who do not bother to check facts, but who love a good story. And some of the people telling these tales may not be so innocent - they may be disinformation experts themselves.
How to build a Flying Saucer
Human Rights
Humans, a Slave Race? by [email protected]@-
 Humans were just genetically altered neandrathals... Who were changed by an alien race in order to use humans as slaves.
Inderjit always gets his man
Info about ALF
Info about a national UFO reporting center
Info about the Blue Peace Org.
Info on CUFON
Info on space weapons
Info on the Alternative 3 TV- movie
Info on the Lake Erie UFO sightings
Info on the Lake Erie UFO sightings
Info on the Lake Erie UFO sightings
Info on the Lake Erie UFO sightings
Info on the Lake Erie UFO sightings
Info on the Lake Erie UFO sightings
Info on what to do if you see a UFO
Information about UFO's [CUFON]
Information about the Ben Obina case
Information about the Ben Obina case
Information about the Ben Obina case
Information about the Ben Obina case
Information about the Ben Obina case
Interview with Barbra Becker
Introduction to Starfields
Invasion of the Mind Wreckers
Is the earth Hollow? Interesting and WEIRD article
Keely's Airship
Lab results of 1966 Swampgas Case
Letter from Commander Kortron
Letter from Commander Kortron
Letter from Jerry Lewis
Letter from President to HS in Maryland
Letter from R.G.Todd
Letter from Richard C. Dotty
Letter from Stanton T. Friedman
Letter from Steinman
Letter from Steinman
Letter from the Author of Alternative 3 by Leslie Watkins
 We called Penguin Books in London and found that it was listed on their NON-FICTION list. A senior editor there told us that it was officially classified as FICTION BASED ON FACT. The author's agent told us it was most definitely fiction. We wrote to the author himself to try to get the real story, and here is the letter he sent us.
Letter to UFOnet by Tom Benson
Linda Murphy's examination of various subjects
Linda Napolitano UFO case
Loring AFB The Landing by MCraigOhio
 An account of a alien ship and pilots which landed inside the weapons storage area of a United States Air Force Base in the state of Maine.
MUFONet Sysop Info Pack (includes nodelist)
Magazine article on UFO radio signals
Mars Colonization by 2027 A.D.
More scary stories about Lake Erie
Mufon Journal #228
My Brother the Debunker
Nazi Flying Saucers
Nazi Flying Saucers (continued)
Nazis and UFOs go hand in hand
News on a UFO report
Newspaper report on UFOs
Newspaper report on UFOs
Newspaper report on UFOs
Newspaper report on UFOs
Newspaper report on UFOs
Newspaper report on UFOs
Nuclear Subterranean Tunneling Machines
Ogre explained
Old CUFON info
Omega File: Greys, Nazi, Underground Bases, and th
ParaNet file on The Crucible
Paranet BBS Explores Fringe Sciences
Paranoia by Jerome Clark
 Since the early 1950s contactee believers have maintained that ETs are here to serve man - that is, to offer to help us. Now a new school of unhinged types claims the ETs are here to serve man, by which they mean offering us up as helpings, presumably in some cosmic McDonald's.
Paranormal Issues
Paris Match article on the Belgium UFO sightings
Partial excerpts from '88 sighting reports
Physicist scores saucer status
Planet About To Be Recycled - Your Only Chance To Survive
 Heaven's Gate transcript about the end of the world and how to survive the "recycling."
Pnoid ufo related online zine issue #1
Pnoid ufo related online zine issue #2
Pnoid ufo related online zine issue #3
Project Beta (1/2) The Grey Bigheads
Project Beta (2/2) The Grey Bigheads
Prospective Candidate Letter. by Ti and Do
 Heaven's Gate recruitment letter sent out to candidates.
Registers and INT 10 calls for Oak chipset video b
Research Findings on the Chicuahua Disk Crash
Researchers say photos show UFO
Response to FOIA request
Response to Truman rumor
Response to William M. Steinman's statements
Review of 2 UFO books
Review of book - As Man Becomes Machine
Review of the Meier Films
Ruffles "Snacks for Thinkers"
 An older Heaven's Gate document from 1979, contains sayings by The Older Members (Ti & Do).
Ruminating on UFO's
SEEKER, a UFO newsletter
Sample from a book on UFO's called 'Breakthrough'
Saskatchewa, 1933: UFO Stops for Repairs
Science vs Spirit
Six Soldiers Arrested in Florida May Believe in UF
Some Basic Physics on Element Creation
Some Lawyer Jokes
Some scary UFO stories about Lake Erie
Some spooky UFO stories
Soviet Military Review Article
Soviet researchers interperet image on Mars
Speech For Ossette Conference September, 1989
Study Group at SRI
Summary of 1988 conference on UFOs
Summary report on UFO observations in Belgium, 30-
Summation text
Technical extracts from UFO contacts
Telephone interview with Richard Doty
Text file about the first alien we made contact wi
The Alien Presence and the Underground City
The Art Bell Drinking Game
The Grey Men Tape
The Human Mutilation Factor by Don Ecker
 The matter of either overt or covert hostility on the part of UFOs has always been treated warily by serious researchers. On the one hand, if the enigma is hostile, then several questions must be faced. What if anything should the powers in authority tell the public?
The Hypocricy of Stanton Friedman by Timothy Goodness
 A look at the not so nice side of ufology's leading researcher.
The Lacky file
The Mickus/Fenwick interview
The Outlook FSR Editorial
The Pasturing and Use of Homo Sapiens
The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
The Surrency Bright Spot Geological Phenomenon
The True Nature of UFO Entities
The UFO Conspiracy
The UFO Two & Their Crew by Heaven's Gate
 Heaven's Gate 1988 update publication.
The UFO dilemma - Part 1
The UFO dilemma - Part 2
The UFO phenomenon in the 1980's
The UFO- Hopi Connection
The Underground Empire: The Inner Earth and Strang
Thomas Townsend Brown and his flying discs
Top Secret Documents About UFO conspiracy and STRO
Transcript of a lecture on UFOs in LA
Transcript of cassette tape of interview with Dr.
UFO - Do UFOs exist? Some evidence supporting that
UFO Bibliography (c. 1991)
UFO Finding: No visits from afar
UFO Reports #1
UFO Reports #2
UFO Reports #3
UFO Research Inst. of Canada
UFO Research Organizations by Dean Miller
 Adresses of people, magazines and organizations involved in UFO research and related subjects.
UFO Sighting Report
UFO conspiracy of silence
UFO coverup TV program
UFO encouter near Ottawa
UFO sightings from '86- '87
UFO sightings in California
UFO statements by William M. Steinman
UFO terms & secret stuff
UFO's and the Occult Reich by TAL
 Many civilizations with "flying saucers" exist, and are hidden inside this planet. Beings which generate out of their own thought, various craft which are among us. There are also the UFO craft that are built by surface cultures. All these are linked together in various ways. Most all of these are occult and most are "messengers of deception".
UFO's: Alien or man- made? (The Nazi connection)
UFO- Seeking Soldiers Charged With Dissertion
UFONY #1 - Alien Centerfold Issue
UFONY #2 - Christine Brinkley Issue
UFONY #3 - Unholy Communion Issue
UFONY #4 - Scratch 'n Sniff Issue
UFORIC obtains rare UFO lecture audio
UFOlogy Books
UFOnet SysOp Guide
UFOs and the Press - by J. Speiser
UFOs sighted over Gulf Breeze, again?
Underground alien bases
Underwater Pyramids in the Bahamas
WTC UFO: Disappeared? by CAMS
 Wanted to pose a question to those out there with knowledge of coverups. Back say 3-6 months before the WTC attack. Sci-Fi.com had amature video footage of a alleged UFO buzzing the WTC towers. Since the (9/11) that footage is gone. No one has it on any sites.
When Pilots See UFO's
Zimbabwe UFO Sighting
 Back in 1985, a round object topped with a cone was seen by dozens of people over the skies of Zimbabwe. With pilots, air traffic controllers, and civilians among the witnesses, that country turned to aeronautical experts for an explanation.
Zimbabwe UFO sighting
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