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Life Extension

A Theoretical Understanding of Cryonics by H. Keith Henson and Arel Lucas
 Cryonics is, after all, becoming more respectable. Being dismissed by "most scientists" as the newspaper stories state is properly interpreted as being accepted by "some scientists." On the other hand, part of the fear factor about cryonics is the possibility that it would *work*, and you would be revived all alone in a future without friends.
A paper on prostaglandins
Alcor Mag issue #1 - These are the people who want
Alcor Mag issue #2
All About Ozone
 Whenever it occurs, ozone (O ) is a colorless gas, a form of oxygen. However, an ordinary molecule of oxygen contains two atoms while a molecule of ozone contains three atoms ( O + O = O3 ). Because of ozone's composition, it is reactive. That is, it readily combines with and oxidizes (breaks down) whatever materials it comes in contact with, including such biological substances as cells and tissues. Far above the earth, ozone forms naturally as oxygen produced from living things moves from the troposphere, the layer of air nearest the earth's surface, to the stratophere.
Alternative treatment for AIDS and cancer
Biotechnical Diagnostics
 After five days of suffering a miserable sore throat, you find yourself in your doctor's office. Your doctor thinks you may have strep throat, a serious bacterial infection that, if left untreated, can lead to kidney and heart disease.
Can Ozone cure AIDS and other viral diseases?
Cancer Cells Don't Age!
 We grow old because our cells grow old -- a process we think of as inevitable and immutable. Cancer cells, however, seem to escape the process of aging and become "immortal." This review of recent research sheds some light on the cellular aging process and suggests a connection between the biology of cellular aging and the biology of cancer.
Cryogenic Freezing by abaddon
 The current legality and technical feasibility of having yourself cryogenically frozen. How much it costs and where to get it done.
Desktop Genetic Engineering by Kevin Kelly
 I spent a day recently a biotechnology trade show, snooping around the aisles of plumbing and lob gear to see how close we ore to having gene equipment that would work in a suburban garage. was looking for off-the-shelf components that could be assembled by a dedicated individual into o lob for homebrewed DNA. I was surprised by how close it has come.
Diagnosing illness: symptoms and possible causes
Discussion of cryonics and space
Disease jumping from plants to animals to humans!
First release of DNA Age/Disease reversal informat
Food Additives - Know What's In Your Food And Why It's There
 A description of what's in your food.
Forgetfulness in Old Age - It's not what you think
Immortalist Philosophy by Max More
 In making a case for the reasonableness of cryonics, we sometimes hear from poorly informed scientists that cryonics is "impossible". What this actually means seems to be this: "I do not understand how frozen people could ever be revived. It is not now possible and I am unable to see how it could be done."
Is Deuterium Oxide Killing Us? by Jerry W. Decker
 Rejuvenation and Age Reversal by Conversion of Deuterium Oxide (D20) to Water (H20).
Kanka the canker remedy
Molecular Glue has Therapeutic Future - National I
More on Cancer
 More on Cancer
Old canker remedy
On cancer - causes, prevention, etc
Overview on Cryonics and the Alcor Life Foundation
Paper on Aging: What can be done
Possible cure for Epstein- Barr virus?
RIP's - The poisons that heal - National Institute
Reconsidering a meaty diet
Seeking Senescence - the search for the cause of a
Still More Info on Cancer
 Every cancer was studied, based on it's DIFFERENCES but breast cancer and any other type of cancer known to man grows through alike stages. The 1st stage of growth almost always involves an alteration of the DNA of just ONE Single Cell.
Tachyon Energy: A New Paradigm in Science and Health by Robert Clarence, Ziegler CTP
 Holistic health; harmony and healing of the body; balance on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels, are all based on an energy source that is integral to our existence. Therefore, healing at any level is very dependent on tapping into the primordial energy that is the source of existence. From maintenance and rejuvenation, to the deepest levels of holistic healing, all are made possible by our ability to tap into the energy source that energizes and creates the form of all material existence as we know it.
The Hayflick Limit
 The Hayflick limit - the cause of the aging of our bodies?
Treatment of AIDS and some cancers with ozone ther
Vitamin C and Colon Cancer - National Institute of
Vitamin E and Colon Cancer - National Institute of
Why are negative ions so healthy?
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