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Free Energy

A Short Treatise on Alpha, Beta, Gamma Ray Therapy by Henry Moray
 Science acknowledges that bombardment of matter by swift moving alpha particles has proven a powerful method of studying ARTIFICIAL TRANSFORMATION of the nucleii of a number of the ordinary elements. Evidence is also accumulating that by this method we are able to cause a disintegration of a nucleus of greater mass by capture of the colliding alpha particle.
Activities of Jupiter Technologies
 LOOK at it this way: an outfit founded and paid for by a Texan fried-chicken magnate hires (among others) a physicist who has done government-sponsored work on extra-sensory perception. After nine years of secretive research it says it has discovered that one of the basic laws of electronics can be breached and that its ideas can revolutionise the world of high technology. That is how sceptics would describe the activities of Jupiter Technologies of Austin, Texas.
An Introduction to Free Energy Physics by Bruce DePalma
 Space, i.e. the vacuum, is filled with a sea of particles. I call them Psions. The Psion flux is responsible for the Brownian motions and "zero point energy" fluctuations. The isotropic Psion flux moves at the speed of light. The Psions interact with matter only slightly -- enough to cause Brownian motions and heat transfer.
Article on the Theories of Keely by Jerry W. Decker
 John Keely was an independent researcher specializing in the properties of sound during the mid to late 1800's.
Beyond the Light Rays by Henry Moray
 For Beyond the Light Rays Lies the Secret of the Universe and the Atom. The Evolution and Transmutation of the Atom.
Energy from Space by M. Rahman
 An Engineer's Invention Excites Interest.
Homopolar Free Energy Generator Test by Robert Kincheloe
 Known for over 150 years, the Faraday homopolar generator has been claimed to provide a basis for so-called "free-energy" generation, in that under certain conditions the extraction of electrical output energy is not reflected as a corresponding mechanical load to the driving source. During 1985 I was invited to test such a machine. While it did not perform as claimed, repeatable data showed anomalous results that did not seem to conform to traditional theory.
MacBolen "HyperTech" Generator by galgaloniel
 Homo-polar, Hydrostatic, Positronic Generator, endless probagation of Positronic potential from "Dirac Sea"
Magnetic Resonance Amplifier - Description of Operation by Joel McClain
 The MRA is a series resonant LC circuit in which power gain is attainable as a result of the increase in effective impedance under certain operating conditions. When the series impedance increases, primary current is reduced. When the power available from the secondary coil either remains the same or increases as the primary circuit impedance increases, a power gain occurs.
Method of Producing Thrust Using High Voltage Capacitors by Terry Bastian
 Biefield Brown propulsion explained?
New ZPE Breakthru - Magnetic Resonance Amplifier by Joel McClain and Norman Wootan
 MRA is the Magnetic Resonance Amplifier. With low level ultrasonic input signals, the MRA produces usable direct current power at levels above unity. This circuit is based upon the work and theories of John Ernst Worrell Keely, and is offered into the public domain in his memory.
Newman's Gyroscopic Theory
 The theoretical basis of Joe Nemans' Revolutionary Energy Machine challenges many accepted laws of physics. The starting point for understanding Newman's ideas is his assertion that the fundamental building block of all matter is the gyroscopic particle, an infinitesimal unit of matter that spins like a gyroscope, Newman claims that the mechanics of magnetism and electricity, which have never been fully explained, can be described in terms of how gyroscopic particles react and interact.
Radiant Energy - Experiments and Theory by Henry Moray
 This account will endeavor to give a brief explanation of the Moray Radiant Energy device whereby it is possible to utilize the vast source of energy of the universe WITHOUT a prime mover through the splitting of the atom by the action of the universe and not by man-made splitting of the atom.
Self Sustained Electromagnetic Propulsion
 How to generate mechanical momentum from enclosed electromagnetic energy only.
Suppressed Inventions by Leroy Pea
 Suppressed Inventions
Testatika Device by David Tiberio
 A faraday-like free energy device.
The Final Secret of Free Energy by T.E. Bearden
 This paper contains the real secret of tapping the vacuum energy very simply, using almost any source of potential (battery, electrostatic generator a la the Swiss electrostatic device, elevated wire w/250 V/m in the earth/ ionosphere potential, etc.). The objective is for the moderately technical reader to understand how to build and understand not only a single device, but also hundreds of different kinds of them. While it is quite simple, the "magic principle" contained in this paper only took me some 30 years to discover.
The Free Energy Claims of Joe Newman by Eric
 If you are an investor in Joe Newman's energy machine, you will probably never see any return on your investment. He appears to be running a scam. If you are thinking of investing your capital in his venture, think carefully and read the following. Please bear in mind that Joe Newman is a smooth talker, very glib, very convincing liar and will twist what you say, to make himself look good.
The Keely Motor Hoax
 After the search for perpetual motion was abandoned by true scientists, and the fallacy became too generally recognized to make it a means of coaxing money from the credulous investor, the idea took the no less insidious character of a machine which required a constant moderate supply of power from an outside source, but would return this many times over.
The Kromery Convertor / Free Electricity by John Bedini, Eike Mueller, and Tom Bearden
 Imagine having a small D.C. electrical motor sitting on your laboratory bench powered by a common 12 volt battery. Imagine starting with a fully charged battery and connecting it to the motor with no other power input. Obviously, the motor is go ing to run off the battery, but by conventional thinking it will stop when the battery runs down. It isn't running by the conventional wisdom of electrical physics. It isn't running by the conventional rules of electric motors and generators, but it is running.
The Leftovers of Nothing - Zero Point Energy
 NOTHINGS ain't what they used to be. By using his air pump -- one of the high points of seventeenth-century technology -- to remove all the air from a cavity, Sir Robert Boyle made it clear to restoration England what a vacuum was. It was what was left when you took everything away: emptiness. In the early twentieth century, quantum mechanics made everything more complicated. A vacuum is still what is left over when everything is taken away; but that no longer means that it is emptiness. The non-empty vacuum plays a fundamental role in the way physicists think about matter
The Life and Work of T. Henry Moray by Gaston Burridge
 This article entails some of the work that Mr. Thomas Henry Moray was doing in attempting to tap into cosmic energy. Mr. Moray was developing an electric motor which would be able to run off this cosmic energy. Some of the devices he developed apparently worked, using silver and copper bars. This is very similar to some of the work John Keely had done with his Compound Disintegrator.
The New Tesla Electromagnetics and the Secrets of Free Electrical Energy by T. E. Bearden
 Comments on the New Tesla Electromagnetics.
The Rule of Nines - Resonant Geometry and the Zero Point by Joel McClain
 "Nest two tetrahedrons and you have the keys to the universe." The word "rule" has several different meanings -- as a form of law, or as a form of dominion, or as a measuring standard. This text uses the word in all three contexts to define the effect of the supreme chord, the trinity of harmony, in the universe.
Violation of Law of Conservation of Charge in Space Power Generation Phenomenon by Paramahamsa Tewari
 It is a basic law that electric charge is conserved and cannot be destroyed or created. Precise experiments on a Space Power Generator (SPG) which has been now further developed to demonstrate the commercial viability of the newly discovered phenomenon of space power generation however, totally violate the existing law of conservation of charge, by generating output electrical power much in excess of the input electrical power.
Will Joseph Newman's Energy Machine Revolutionize the World? by Raad Cawthon
 In the piney woods southwest of this southwest Mississippi town, off the broken blacktop and two miles down a rutted sand and dirt road, through three gates, past the "Keep Out" and "Beware of the Dogs" signs, smack in the middle of nowhere, sits Joseph Westley Newman, a man who says he can change the world. In this land where heat devils beat from the ground in waves, Newman says he can bring water to the desert places of the world, eliminate poverty, and improve the quality of everyone's life. If only Newman's enemies will let him.
Zero-Point Energy by Dr. H. E. Puthoff
 Quantum Fluctuations of Empty Space: A New Rosetta Stone of Physics?
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