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Jpilot jIRC applet only supports Netscape4.0, IE4.0 or above.
Please grant the permission when the pop-up window appears from Netscape and IE.


We are using SlashNet.org as the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network host. SlashNet.org is an independent entity that has nothing to do with totse.com. SlashNet.org makes their IRC servers available for use by the public, and we use their servers because they're convienient.

You may find the following totse-related chat rooms on SlashNet.org:

  • #totse
  • #totse_sex
  • #totse_drugs
  • #totse_tech
  • #totse_religion
  • #totse_politics
  • #totse_music
  • #totse_media
  • #totse_weapons

Because IRC is so insecure, about every six months or so some person or another will figure out a new exploit or download a script and they'll take over the chat room. They'll be king of the mud-slinging pit until someone else comes along and pushes them aside. None of this is sanctioned, approved, or condoned by the staff at totse.com.

Frankly, we don't care who owns the chat room. If the person or people in charge at any given moment get too obnoxious or annoying we'll simply move the "official" chat room to another IRC network, someone else will appoint themselves king, and all of the people that were being annoyed previously will have a new mud pit to play in.

If there are IRC features you want to use, like DCC, you are welcome to use a different IRC client, log in to SlashNet, and join any of the "totse" conferences.

For more information on IRC and IRC client software, check out http://www.irchelp.org/.

This page Copyright © 1997-2006 totse.com.

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