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A glossory of networking & telecommunications term
A very good dictionary of common and some uncommon
All about Modems article
An ISDN Tutorial
An introduction to modems
Bits, baud rate, and BPS
Comm interrupts for IBM PC's
Comments on Caller- ID services
Complete manual for a US Robotics Dual Standard mo
Complete manual for modems using the Rockwell chip
Describes modem standards including v.42
Explains the difference between bps & baud
Explanation of a whole bunch of software protocols
Hayes command set
How XModem, XModem CRC, and WXModem work
In depth explanation of Hayes AT commands
Info on YModem and XModem protocols
Info on the X2 spec
Information of UART 16550
Intel fax modem info
Line noise explained
List of Hayes modem commands
MNP Levels 1- 9 explained
MNP error- correcting modems
Making cables for LapLink
Modem commands. Works with all Hayes compatible mo
Overview of the TCP/IP protocols (INet)
Practical guide to RS- 232 interfacing
RFC 1098: Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
T1 Signaling
Telecommunications dictionary 1.1
The AT command set
The Hayes AT command set
The Hayes Modem Technical Reference Manual
The Xmodem Protocol Specification
The ZMODEM Inter Application File Transfer Protoco
UUCP Internals FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
UUCP Protocol Potpourri
Understanding High-speed Modem Tones by Toby Nixon
 The sequence is somewhat different depending on the type of modems you're using, and get's more complicated when you combine different modem types into one box.
V.22, V.32, V.42, bis, etc. explained
What a modem does
Wiring a serial DB- 9 to DB- 25 adapter
X.25 Tutorial
 The following article was originally written and presented to Bell Operating Companies as part of a tutorial and seminar for newcomers to packet network operations.
X.25 and V.42 explained
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