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Big Brother is you, watching.

100 Ways to Disappear and Live Free by Barry Reid
 To "live free" means to be able to control your own life and to avoid violence, or the threat of violence, by others. What you do and how you do it will almost always determine whether or not freedom will be yours. But YOU must take the responsibility for creating your own freedom. No one, especially the "government" will do it for you.
A Guide to Intelligence Collection Methods
 The process of creating reliable, accurate foreign intelligence is dynamic and never ending The intelligence process or cycle begins with questions, the answers to which inevitably lead to more questions.
A Study of Criminal History Records, as Maintained by the RCMP
 The focus of this study was limited to the criminal history records (CHR) as they are maintained by the RCMP.It must also be noted that this is not a study of the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) system. Since the CHR is accessible to authorized users through CPIC, this system was examined but only as one method of obtaining access to the CHR.
A Theory of Information Warfare: Preparing for 2020 by Colonel Richard Szafranski
 The vulnerability to information warfare is universal. The decisions to pursue the development of information weapons or to prosecute information warfare are governmental decisions. These decisions need to be made consciously and deliberately and with an understanding of the moral and ethical risks of information warfare.
An Appraisal of the Technology of Political Control by EU
 A massive Police Industrial Complex has been spawned to service the needs of police, paramilitary and security forces, evidenced by the number of companies now active in the market. An overall trend is towards globalisation of these technologies and a drift to increasing proliferation, without much regard to local conditions.
Anonymity on the Web by cube
 Nowadays, everyone wants privacy on the web, because no matter where you go, someone could be watching you. Someone like your employer, someone trying to hack your system, companies gathering all your info to sell to yet other companies, or even the government, may be on your track while you peacefully surf the web. Thus, anonymity on the web means being able tu use all of its services with no concern about someone snooping on your data.
Antisurveillance by Brian Martin
 Surveillance, a serious and growing issue, is basically a problem of unequal power. The usual reform solutions, such as codes of professional ethics, laws and regulations, give only an illusion of protection. Another approach is to promote grassroots challenges to surveillance either through disruption or by replacing social institutions that create a demand for surveillance.
Appeal Filed in Teenager vs. FBI Case
 Attorneys for Todd Patterson today filed a brief in the United States Court of Appeals in Philadelphia urging the appeals court to reinstate the claims of the North Haledon teenager against the Federal Bureau of Investigation for tampering with his mail to foreign governments.
Beating The FBI by Lee Adams
 Proven methods for recognizing and thwarting FBI surveillance.
Big Brother's Little Helpers: Private Intelligence Networks by Mitzi Waltz
 When the proverbial knock comes at the door, it's not always representatives of the state security service. In many countries the most feared political enforcers are those who operate outside the law: armed political gangs, "death squads" and other bully boys who use information gathered privately or funneled to them by sympathetic cops to harass, intimidate and target activists.
Biometric ID Cards
 Imagine an America in which every citizen is required to carry a biometrically-encoded identification card as a precondition for conducting business. Imagine having your retina scanned every time you need to prove your identification.
Bugs, Taps And Infiltrators: What To Do About Political Spying by Linda Lotz
 During the last five decades, many individuals and organizations were spied upon, wiretapped, their personal lives disrupted in an effort to draw them away from their political work, and their organizations infiltrated.
Carnival Booth: Defeating Computer-Assisted Passenger Screening System by Samidh Chakrabarti and Aaron Strauss
 To improve the efficiency of airport security screening, the FAA deployed the Computer Assisted Passenger Screening system (CAPS) in 1999. CAPS attempts to identify potential terrorists through the use of profiles so that security personnel can focus the bulk of their attention on high-risk individuals. In this paper, we show that since CAPS uses profiles to select passengers for increased scrutiny, it is actually less secure than systems that employ random searches. In particular, we present an algorithm called Carnival Booth that demonstrates how a terrorist cell can defeat the CAPS system.
Carnivore FAQ by Robert Graham
 Carnivore acts like a packet sniffer. All Internet traffic is broken down into bundles called packets. Carnivore eavesdrops on these packets watching them go by, then saves a copy of the packets it is interested in.
China's Golden Shield: Corporations and the Development of Surveillance Technology in China by Greg Walton
 Old style censorship is being replaced with a massive, ubiquitous architecture of surveillance: the Golden Shield. Ultimately the aim is to integrate a gigantic online database with an all-encompassing surveillance network. In order to make the Golden Shield a reality, the Chinese government is dependent upon the technological expertise and investment of Western companies. Canada’s Nortel Networks is playing a key role in these developments.
Civil Liberties Under Threat by Brian Glick
 Activists across the country report increasing government harassment and disruption of their work.
Cooperation of Telecommunications Providers with Law Enforcement by Philip R. Karn, Jr.
 Yesterday I read a most disturbing computer network article about a piece of legislation you are proposing that apparently attempts to regulate the use of cryptography to protect the secrecy of private communications.
Cryptography: Policy and Technology Trends
Disabling CCTV / Video Cameras by JimBot
 A simple, inexpensive way to make sure you aren't being watched by those pesky surveillance cameras.
Disabling Surveillence Video Cameras by John Markoff
 One dollar in equipment to disable surveillence cameras
EPIC Analysis of Draft Guidelines on Searching and Seizing Computers by Dave Banisar
 The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has obtained the Department of Justice's recently issued draft "Federal Guidelines for Searching and Seizing Computers." The guidelines provide an overview of the law surrounding searches, seizures and uses of computer systems and electronic information in criminal and civil cases.
EU Lawful Interception of Telecommunications
 Reaffirming the need, when implementing telecommunications interception measures, to observe the right of individuals to respect for their privacy as enshrined in the territorially applicable national law.
Eavesdropping On the Electromagnetic Emanations of Digital Equipment by Christopher J. Seline
 This note explores the legal status of a surveillance technology ruefully known as TEMPEST[2]. Using TEMPEST technology the information in any digital device may be intercepted and reconstructed into useful intelligence without the operative ever having to come near his target.
Electronic Surveillance in a Digital Age
 Lawlessness and terrorism present new challenges to our society as the 21st Century approaches. Electronic surveillance is an invaluable tool in America's arsenal to fight crime in this era of high-speed, global communications.
Email Privacy Law Review
 Here are some references I have found which some of you might find interesting. In addition, I've just come across some references to Computerworld articles (Jan 14, 1991; Aug 13, 1990) which I will summarize under separate cover. I've divided case sightings into two groups: US Constitutional law, and California law.
European Union and FBI Launch Global Surveillance System by Statewatch
 The EU, in cooperation with the FBI of the USA, is launching a system of global surveillance of communications to combat "serious crime" and to protect "national security". The EU will be able to trawl the airwaves for "subversive" thoughts and "dissident" views and, with its partners, across the globe.
Executive Guide to the Protection of Information by NIST
 Federal agencies are becoming increasingly dependent upon automated information systems to carry out their missions. While in the past, executives have taken a hands-off approach in dealing with these resources, they are now recognizing that computers and computer-related problems must be understood and managed, the same as any other resource.
Exposing The Global Surveillance System by Nicky Hager
 For 40 years, New Zealand's largest intelligence agency, the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) the nation's equivalent of the US National Security Agency (NSA) had been helping its Western allies to spy on countries throughout the Pacific region, without the knowledge of the New Zealand public or many of its highest elected officials.
Exposing the Global Surveillance System by Nicky Hager
 For 40 years, New Zealand's largest intelligence agency, the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) the nation's equivalent of the US National Security Agency (NSA) had been helping its Western allies to spy on countries throughout the Pacific region, without the knowledge of the New Zealand public or many of its highest elected officials.
FBI Investigates Domestic Activities to Identify Terrorists by GAO
 The inquiry further determined that 31 instances of potential violations of the Attorney General guidelines occurred, such as (1) conducting inquiries beyond what is permitted without opening an investigation, (2) receiving information about individuals' mail without having obtained proper authority to get such information, and (3) initiating investigations without an adequate basis for opening them.
Fingerprints by *Ace*
 Here is a way to disfigure your fingerprints without shedding any blood...
General Counterdrug Intelligence Plan by ONDCP
 These technologies provide improved drug detection, communications, and surveillance devices and methods to share drug crime investigative information. These advanced nonintrusive inspection technology concepts will, in time, replace the X-ray and gamma ray systems now used to search conveyances and cargo for hidden drugs at ports-of-entry.
Gmail Bedfellows
 Conservative nut-house the Heritage Foundation, usually content with slavishly supporting Bush, congratulating themselves about invading other countries and fighting to outlaw abortion, has weighed in on Google's new Gmail service.
Hiding Yourself by John J. Williams
 In the final analysis, if they can't find you they can't harm you. To be truly safe, you must not only make all or virtually all of your living thru the underground economy, BUT also make yourself as unidentifiable as possible.
Homeless Tracking Fact Sheet by EPIC
 Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS) are database systems intended to track recipients of benefits in order to assess the number of persons receiving care, and to improve efficiency of services to the poor.
How COINTELPRO Helped Destroy the Movements of the 1960s
 Since COINTELPRO was used mainly against the progressive movements of the 1960s, its impact can be grasped only in the context of the momentous social upheaval which shook the country during those years.
How Private Is My Credit Report?
 Credit reports are a gold mine of information about consumers. They contain Social Security numbers, addresses, credit payment status, employment, even legal information. To address concerns about who has access to this potentially sensitive information, California recently passed a law which enhances consumers' privacy rights.
How Tax Returns are Selected for Audit by Al Gutkin
 Personal tax returns can be selected for audit by three different methods. I will discuss these methods first as there is a second process the tax return goes through before you are notified of an audit.
How To Create A New Indentity
 You might want to go buy liquor somewhere, right? You might want to go give the cops the false name when you get busted so you keep your good name, eh? You might even want to use the new identity for getting a P.O. Box for carding.
How To Get Lost
 How to get a new identity and disappear.
How to Get Anything on Anyone by Toxic Tunic
 Every city has one or more offices dedicated to assigning numbers to the telephone wire pairs. These offices are called DPAC offices and are available to service Reps who are installing or repairing phones.
IRS Cups It's Ear to Cordless Phones by Eric J Werme
 If you're thinking about declaring a few imaginary dependents this year, don't mention it on your cordless phone. The Internal Revenue Service may be listening.
IRS and Terrorist-Related Information Sharing by GAO
 Poor information sharing hinders effectively identifying vulnerabilities and coordinating efforts to detect attacks. As agreed with your offices, as part of our response to your request to monitor the Internal Revenue Service's (IRS) efforts to enhance the security of the tax filing process, we studied how terrorist-related threat information is shared with IRS.
Identification, Anonymity and Pseudonymity in Consumer Transactions by Roger Clarke
 Applications of smart cards tend to convert anonymous transactions into identified ones. This represents a very significant increase in the data trails that people leave behind them, and hence in the privacy-invasiveness of systems.
Identification: A Move Towards the Future by Bruce J. Brotman & Rhonda K. Pavel
 Current trends and developments indicate that in the years to come, fingerprint identification will play a much wider role in law enforcement. By 1995, the FBI will have in operation a new system providing greatly expanded fingerprint identification services that will provide immeasurable benefits to law enforcement and other users nationwide.
Identity Cards: Frequently Asked Questions
 This report provides an analysis of the key aspects of identity (ID) cards and related technologies. It has been prepared by Privacy International in the wake of widespread concern across the world about the implications of modern ID systems.
Interception Capabilities 2000 by Duncan Campbell
 This study considers the state of the art in Communications intelligence (Comint) of automated processing for intelligence purposes of intercepted broadband multi-language leased or common carrier systems, and its applicability to Comint targeting and selection, including speech recognition.
Internet Security and Privacy for Activists and Citizens by Leftism
 This is intended to be a very basic introduction to Internet security and privacy issues for activists and citizens. It is not meant to be an exhaustive text of all the issues, nor does it deal with any of the issues in great depth. My intention is not to teach the theoretical or technical basis for security on the Internet, but rather to enable the user to protect his/her security and privacy as quickly and easily as possible.
Internet Security and Privacy for Activists and Citizens by Cliff Kadmon
 A very basic introduction to Internet security and privacy issues for activists and citizens.
Investigators Guide to Sources of Information by GAO
 This 1997 Investigators' Guide to Sources of Information is published as a service to the investigative community by GAO's Office of Special Investigations. It is intended to be a useful investigative tool for identifying sources of information about people, property, business, and finance.
Is the NSA Sniffing Your Email?
 Puzzle Palace coauthor Wayne Madsen wrote that "according to well-placed sources within the Federal Government and the Internet service provider industry, the National Security Agency (NSA) is actively sniffing several key Internet router and gateway hosts."
Mail Surveillance
 The Chicago Division of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service has implemented an Express Mail Profile program at the Air Mail Facility (AMF) at Chicago O'Hare International Airport This program consists of a physical profile of Express Mail parcels which have been mailed to or from locations within the Northern District of Illinois.
New Communications Technologies and Traditional Civil Liberties by Human Rights Watch
 While it is axiomatic that these new capabilities can open up faster, easier and more inclusive communication, they also call into question long held assumptions about individual and communal rights. Some are old questions in a new context: What, if any, is the role of the government in regulating electronic communication?
Participating With Safety by Paul Mobbs
 A series of briefings on information security and online safety for civil society organisations
Privacy Rights of BBS Users
 While these services can bring information, interactivity, and communication to every home or office, they also raise a host of questions concerning the privacy of the information gathered and the messages transmitted and stored by the systems.
Privacy or Service: Must We Be Forced to Choose? by Bruce Phillips
  Remember, we are not just talking about privacy here. In fact, privacy is an altogether inadequate word to describe this issue. We are talking about something much more fundamental: we are talking about the degree to which we are going to continue to offer each other a basic minimum of respect as individual autonomous human beings
Proof of Echelon? by Dimentia_Syndicate
 Just an interesting example of Project Echelon.
Rebirth Methods In Post 9/11 USA by confuzious
 How to assume a totally new identity
Recieve Your FBI File
 The Federal Bureau of Investigation keeps files on almost every person in the entire country. They must send you your file if you want them to.
Report of the Interception of Communications Commissioner for 2001 by Sir Swinton Thomas
 I enclose my second Annual Report on the discharge of my functions under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000. It is, of course, for you to decide, after consultation with me, how much of the report should be excluded from publication on the grounds that it is prejudicial to national security, to the prevention or detection of serious crime, to the economic well-being of the United Kingdom, the continued discharge of the functions of any public authority whose activities include activities subject to my review (section 58( 7)) of the Act).
Schengen Information System: SIS II by Statewatch
 Until now, there was a general three year limit for the storage of personal data after which the inputting agencies had to check if the data was still necessary. The only exception to this rule were alerts under Article 99: in cases of discreet surveillance, personal records could only be stored for up to one year.
Smart Cards: Opportunities for Public Sector Applications
 Smart card technology has come of age. It provides real opportunities for improving the delivery of services and reducing the cost of administration. Smart cards are becoming an affordable solution to the requirements for a transportable, secure, reliable and compact device.
Spook Words by William Knowles
 Words to get noticed by various U.S. Goverment groups. These will be flagged in the system and manpower will be expended to track them and verify whether or not they should be investigated. Piss off the gov't by dropping one or two in an email...let carnivore chew on it.
Spy Secrets by Dimension Master & The Giggler
 More Secret Frequencies - Central Intelligence Agency in MHz
Statements by the DCI and the NSA Director on Economic Spying by George J. Tenet and Michael V. Hayden
 I am here today to discuss allegations about SIGINT activities and the so-called Echelon program of the National Security Agency with a very specific objective: To assure this Committee, the Congress, and the American public that the Intelligence Community is unequivocally committed to conducting its activities in accordance with US law and due regard for the rights of Americans.
Surveillance Conference Overview
 As usual with government related electronic surveillance operations, techniques, equipment, etc, secrecy prevails. Due to efforts by Full Disclosure, the San Antonio area media was informed about the show. They, however, were all turned away at the gate.
Testimony of Mark M. Ishikawa CEO BayTSP.com
 Adult webmasters often risk obscenity prosecution in those areas that have more restrictivelocal standards. BayTSP.com has developed a product to address this very issue. 2257 FilterSM allows webmasters to make specific files available based on the geographic location ofthe user. Webmasters who utilize this "electronic stop light" that has been embedded in online graphic, video, text, and audio files can automatically filter out "obscene" material, as defined by the user's local community standards, and have this material replaced by content that is more acceptable.
The "Enemy Within": EU Plans the Surveillance of Protestors by Statewatch
 Seven EU governments: Germany, Sweden, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom, wanted to go even further and create an explicit EU-wide database of "troublemakers " and to introduce travel bans on suspected troublemakers across the EU.
The Group Trap by Harry Browne
 The Group Trap is the belief that you can accomplish more by sharing responsibilities, efforts, and rewards with others than you can by acting on your own. It's an easy trap to fall into.
The Joy of Handles by Mahatma Kane Jeeves & David Lescohier
 Handles seem to have a bad reputation. Their use is strangely unpopular, and frequently forbidden by network authorities. Many people seem to feel that handles are rude or dishonest, or that anyone wishing to conceal his or her identity must be up to no good.
The Libertarian Party Represents You
 The Libertarian Party is working every day to cut your taxes. All other parties, the professional politicians, have no plan but to take more of your money and increase the size of government.
The Shocking Menace of Satellite Surveillance by John Flemming
 A spy satellite can monitor a person's every movement, even when the "target" is indoors or deep in the interior of a building or traveling rapidly down the highway in a car, in any kind of weather (cloudy, rainy, stormy). There is no place to hide on the face of the earth.
The TEMPEST Method of Computer Data Interception! by Al Muick
 The interception of radiated data from computers and computer terminals is known in the world of e ASA as "TEMPEST." TEMPEST intercept may be accomplished in several ways. One, is via a mobile vanwth the commo equipment on board, two is via strategicly stationed intercept sites (Field Station Agsurg) and the third, rarely used, is relay from one site to another.
The World of Surveillance
 The Concealment or Car Caddy is a device to covertly record the conversations of passengers in an automobile. It looks just like a litterbasket / snack tray.
They Were Spying on Us: Detroit Police Red Squad
 For many years, the Detroit Police Department had been gathering information on various political, social and cultural activities of citizens and visitors to the city. This surveillance program, organized under a specially created police unit known as the "Red Squad", was never publicly acknowledged.
Touching Big Brother: How Biometric Technology will Fuse Flesh and Machine by Simon G. Davies
 Some applications of biometric identification technology are now cost-effective, reliable, and highly accurate. As a result, biometric systems are being developed in many countries for such purposes as social security entitlement, payments, immigration control and election management.
U.S. Military Spying on Web Sites by SCP
 Since 7 October 2001, when the United States government declared war on "terrorism" and began bombing Afghanistan, persuasion no longer seems necessary. The U.S. military is obviously spying on us and, no doubt, on lots of other people as well.
UK ID Cards: Majority in Favor by Home Office
 The introduction of some kind of national identity card is favoured by a majority of those who expressed a view to the Home Office, it was revealed today.
UK National ID Cards - A Consultation
 Should there be a national identity card? Most people carry plastic cards these days, to go shopping, get money from 'hole in the wall' cash machines or to prove who they are at work and during leisure time.
Using the Freedom of Information Act: Revised Edition
 The Freedom of Information Act entitles you to request any record maintained by a federal Executive branch agency. The agency must release the requested matieral unless it falls into one of nine exempt categores, in which case the agency may but is not compelled to refuse to disclose the records.
Watching the Watcher Watching You by Sir Knight
 Looking for a Federal Agent is big news. Obviously, these people are slippery and will disappear if being noticed. A perfect example is Richard Sandza of Newseek fame who got sniffed out by the members of a BBS called P80 Systems.
Watching the Watchers: The Spanish Police by Assembly of Nodo50
 In this report we will explain how Nodo50 has been monitored by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in order to point out that the Government knows everything that the Antiglobalitation Movement thinks and discusses. Hence it is lying when it maintains that violent actions are being prepared from Nodo50 including production of a sabotage manual, urban guerrilla warfare etc.
What To Do When They Ask For Your Social Security Number by Chris Hibbert
 Many people are concerned about the number of organizations asking for their Social Security Numbers. They worry about invasions of privacy and the oppressive feeling of being treated as just a number. Unfortunately, I can't offer any hope about the dehumanizing effects of identifying you with your numbers.
Who's Afraid of Carnivore? Not Me! by Richard F. Forno
 The "Carnivore'" project is the Bureau's attempt to collect information on electronic suspects and computer criminals in the dark reaches of cyberspace. We're going to discuss how easy it is to circumvent the Carnivore system and still keep our communications secret from all prying eyes....no matter how sophisticated the FBI thinks Carnivore is.
Why Legal Action Should Be Taken for Installation of Surveillance Cameras in Public Places by SCP
 The SCP is firmly convinced that the use of video surveillance in public places for the purposes of law enforcement is unconstitutional, and that each image captured by police surveillance cameras is an unreasonable search. We also believe that it is irresponsible of the government to allow unlicensed private companies to install as many surveillance cameras as they please, and to install them wherever they please.
Will We Be Under Total Surveillance? by Charles Ostman
 Imagine a world in which every aspect of your life, past and present, is encrypted on a personal ID card and stored on a nationwide data base. Where virtually all communications media-soon to be 100% digital-are automatically monitored by computerized phone taps and satellites from control centers thousands of miles away. Where self-training neural net and artificial intelligence data search systems scan for undesirable lifestyles and target you for automatic monitoring.
Your Papers Please by Declan McCullagh
 Mandatory fingerprinting used to be something we imposed on military personnel, criminals and criminal suspects. But if the idea of national ID cards being pushed by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) gets traction, every American will soon be inked - or tagged by another biometric identifier, such as a retinal scan - all in order to make us "safer." Whether we'll be as free as we used to be is another matter, of course.
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